Research Interests

Secure and Usable Systems Design

  • requirements engineering
  • human computer interaction (HCI)
  • agile development for secure systems

Home Data Security and Privacy

  • risks and impact on the home and third parties
  • understanding home user security
  • preserving home user privacy

Related Areas

  • Appropriate and Effective Controls 
    • Usability, cost, effectiveness need exploring for household, families, and neighbourhoods
    • security design techniques, architectures, practices for home user as system administrators
  • Data Driven Behavioural Understanding
    • in a home setting (multi-households, across neighbourhoods, many families) - collecting, analysing, acting upon data (ethics)
  • Economics of Home Data Security
    • economic models for delivering services to serve the home security market
  • Organisational Role in Home Data Security
    • employers' responsibility in protecting employee's at home
  • Best Practice in Home Data Security
    • security best pracitces for the home


Recent Publications