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Informing the Design of Privacy-Empowering Tools for the Connected Home

Responsibility and Privacy: Caring for a Dependent in a Digital Age

Factoring user experience into the security and privacy design of smart home devices: A case study

Further exploring communal technology use in smart homes: Social expectations

“Alexa, are you spying on me?”: Exploring the effect of user experience on the security and privacy of smart speaker users

Smart-home study weighs the privacy risks involved

Exploring Communal Technology Use in the Home Uncovering Household Group-Efficacy

Informing The Future of Data Protection in Smart Homes.

Disentangling Privacy in Smart Homes

Informal support networks: an investigation into Home Data Security Practices

Preserving Privacy in Smart Homes

Researching Privacy in Smart Homes: A Roadmap of Future Directions and Research Methods

Rethinking Home Network Security

“If it's urgent or it is stopping me from doing something, then I might just go straight at it": a study into Home Data Security Decisions

On a C++ framework to support design by contract

Gulfs of expectation: eliciting and verifying differences in trust expectations using personas

On a C plus plus Framework to Support Design by Contract

Experiences in Developing and Delivering a Programme of Part-Time Education in Software and Systems Security

Security Practices for Households Bank Customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Finding and resolving security misusability with misusability cases

Eliciting and visualising trust expectations using persona trust characteristics and goal models

Exploring Awareness Behaviours and Collaboration Activities in Learning Groups

Formal evaluation of persona trustworthiness with EUSTACE (extended abstract)

Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics): Preface

In the balance in Saudi Arabia: security, privacy and trust.

On the design and development of webinos: A distributed mobile application middleware

Personal PKI for the Smart Device Era.

Eliciting usable security requirements with misusability cases

Here's Johnny: A methodology for developing attacker personas

User-centered information security policy development in a post-Stuxnet world

Persona cases: A technique for grounding personas

Eliciting Policy Requirements for Critical National Infrastructure Using the IRIS Framework.

Here's Johnny: A Methodology for Developing Attacker Personas.

User-Centered Information Security Policy Development in a Post-Stuxnet World.

Designing and aligning e-Science security culture with design

Secure and usable out-of-band channels for ad hoc mobile device interactions

The secret lives of assumptions: Developing and refining assumption personas for secure system design

To boldly go where invention isn't secure: Applying security entrepreneurship to secure systems design

Two heads are better than one: Security and usability of device associations in group scenarios

A meta-model for usable secure requirements engineering

Analysing and visualising security and usability in IRIS

Security and usability: Analysis and evaluation

A Model of Security Culture for e-Science.

Analysing and Visualising Security and Usability in IRIS

Barry is not the weakest link: eliciting secure system requirements with personas.

Security and Usability: Analysis and Evaluation

Towards Tool-Support for Usable Secure Requirements Engineering with CAIRIS.

Context-sensitive requirements and risk management with IRIS

Usability and security of out-of-band channels in secure device pairing protocols

Stakeholder involvement, motivation, responsibility, communication: How to design usable security in e-Science

Integrating security and usability into the requirements and design process

Divide and conquer: The role of trust and assurance in the design of socio-technical systems

Bringing security home: A process for developing secure and usable systems